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From time to time København Karate Klub arranges a club gashuku with an instructor from another Karate club. This time it was Sensei Jakob Kold from Køge Karate Klub that was visiting.

The gashuku was split up in to lessons.


Kata Sepai with Sensei Casper Petersen

Sensei Casper went through kata Sepai.

Similarities with earlier kata's were pointet out. In the start the arms perform a technic that is found in kata Saifa but this time the left hands bloks inside while the right hand goes outside.

Timing in going down in Shiko dachi while performing first technic was that one ended in Shiko dachi at the same time as the right arm ended its technic. In the next technic it was important that both left arm and leg followed each other.

More points were made, I will try to post them as they come back.


Kata Kurunfa with Sensei Jakob Kold

Sensei Jakob went through kata Kurunfa. He pointet out the important detailes of the kata.

The strongest point was the muchime feeling, when doing some of the tight technics in the kata.

To do a better kata it would be a good idea to practise kata Sanchin and/or kata Tensho more often. He suggested doing it two times in the morning or evening three days a week (it should not take more then five minutes).

At the start and the end of a kata one must be focused all the way. Because a kata is not just a series of movements with technics. There is meening for each technic in the kata.

When you make a mistake when performing a kata, do not stop, continue the kata as nothing did happen. Perform a kata with confidence showing that every technic works and that you are in charge.

This was some of the points made by Senesei Jakob Kold.

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