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My background

I am currently studying Computer Science at Computer Science department at Copenhagen University. I started in 2003 and finished my bachelor degree year 2007. I am now studying for a Master degree in Computer Science also at Copenhagen University and I hope that I can finish it in 2010.

My main study interests are algorithm- design, analysis and application, datastructure- design, analysis and application, study of optimization problems, mathematical modelling and application, planning- and scheduling problems in real life.

Some of the other interests of mine are software- architecture and design, human-computer-interaction, improvment of the development process (methods where the user is involved in the development), automation of the development process, review process and improving the writing functional and technical specs.

Skills I would like to improve is testing of the developed software, IT-administration, network admistration and article writing.


Interesting articles on the web

I found some interesting places on the web that I would like to share with you:

As I find more I will list them here.

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